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NBA Live 08 Game

NBA Live 08 Game

Review: NBA Live (2010-2011-NBA Elite) is a video game series by EA Sports, one of the most successful basketball simulators. Based on the profile of the National Basketball Association.

The NBA Live series was a precursor to the NBA Playoffs, first released in 1989 for MS-DOS-based PCs and an in year 1991 to platform the Sega Mega Drive\/Sega Genesis. The first game in the series, the Lakers versus Celtics had a view from the Boca area (horizontal), later switched to an isometry, and then to 3D. NBA Showdown 94 for SNES was the last game in the series before moving on to the NBA Live.

NBA Live 95 from the new series was released December 3, 1994 year for Sega Mega Drive\/Genesis and SNES. Player creation function here was not supported and was implemented only in the next release. In NBA Live 98 installed first 3Dfx graphic card support. Since NBA Live 2000 is enabled by selecting the "all-star" Teams, where are the best NBA players from the 50 's to 90 's (divided into teams for decades). NBA Live 07 PlayStation 2 platform began to support, Xbox, Xbox360 and PlayStation Portable; the next release also supported PlayStation 3 and Wii.

In the year 2010 after the release of NBA Live 10 NBA Live series survived the re-branding. In the period from 2010 to 2011 year series continued to go under the title of NBA Elite, new at that time, the game was known as NBA Elite 11 (Eng.) Nelsonville. However, the game was coldly received by the public, and due to problems with the development work on the game were discontinued shortly after release. The game is sold in small quantities on the PlayStation 3 and Wii.

In 2012 the year the title was returned to EA series Live. However, developed the game NBA Live 13 (Eng.) Russian. was canceled shortly before release due to problems in the game engine. In the year 2013 the series was revived by the release of NBA Live game 14 (Eng.) Nelsonville. In 2014 year on PS3, PS4, XBox360 and XBox One was released the latest version at the moment-NBA Live 15 (Eng.) Nelsonville. In October-November 2015 year NBA Live 16 are planned.
NBA Live 08 Game

NBA Live 08 Game

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