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The Banner Saga Game

The Banner Saga Game

Review: The Banner Saga Game tactical role-playing game, designed by Stoic. The plot and atmosphere of the game are inspired by medieval Scandinavian legends of the Vikings.

The game was produced by parts: February 25, 2013 year became available multiplayer version of The game The Banner Saga: Factions, in which the player can form a squad and compete in the battle with rival network; the first chapter of the single-player campaign came out January 14, 2014.

 On the gameplay mechanics, the game in General is reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force. The player controls a squad of soldiers led by the hero. In the single-player game there is a fictional hero setting, which is usually required to reach a certain point of the game world. On the way to the goal can be all sorts of events, some of which require the player to a decision on further developments.

Key resources when moving between points are will and food. Travel between points gradually decreases will and food group. The will can be restored at the expense of stops, but it should be noted that the parking lot also takes food. Once you run out of food reserves, caravan gradually die out from hunger. The player can enter the city, down the way, where can buy items and to fill the reserves, provisions for points of glory, as well as perform side quests reward.

When attacking enemies on the squad combat screen opens, which ranked fighters and attacks the player's hand. The player and the opponent alternate turns, rearranging their fighters with cells in the cell and giving them orders to attack enemy fighters or perform other actions. Even in defeat in the battle, the game does not stop, but will your squad starts to decrease, and fighters become weaker several moves until he is cured.

The story begins with the narration of the main unit depth, arrived in the port city of Strand for the annual tribute. Upon arrival in the city he discovers that the power in the city want to capture the bandits and moves to City Hall to help the Governor to deal with them. Soon the Strand comes detachment, along with Prince Vognira, Prince Ludinym, whom he accompanies to Grofhajm. The next morning, joins a squad of Ubin Vognira, because they all are sent to Grofhajm.

In one village, the squad decides to make a stop there, however, they are attacked by dredges. Unfortunately, in the battle of Vognir and die with them nearly killed Prince Station. In the light of new developments command Squad undertakes close collaborator Vognira varl Hakon, and from this moment begins his story.
The Banner Saga Game

The Banner Saga Game

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