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Age Of Mythology The Titans Game

Review: The Titans - in addition to the real-time strategy game Age of Mythology.  A key feature - a new civilization of Atlantis with its own mythology.  To start the add-ons requires the original version of the game. The main distinguishing feature of the new nation - the lack of individual heroes they surcharge becomes any warrior-man.  Resource blessing Atlanteans mined automatically and more quickly than their larger urban centers.  In addition farmers Atlantis is much more expensive and longer built but hardier and immediately return all the mined resources in the player's storehouse.  Instead of houses built estates - are twice as capacious but more expensive and unlike houses their maximum number 5.

Titans - very strong and expensive unit.  They successfully resist all kinds of forces excluding the characters cause enormous damage to buildings.  They have a circular attack spreader opponents.  The Titans are very weak against flying units since they can only kill the birds with circular attack a short distance.

However it is difficult to construct Titans.  First you need to get to the final period which is associated with considerable costs.  Then explore the special technology in the city center.  And only then it is possible to summon the Gate Titans where after a long period of construction titanium appears.  In addition to the high cost of titanium is 20 population units for comparison a farmer requires one unit ordinary soldiers - two cavalry - three and mythical warriors - to 5.
Age Of Mythology The Titans Game

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