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Armello Game

Review: Armello - digital role-playing strategy board game the debut project of the Australian game studio League of Geeks.  The first announcement of the iPad held in September 2012 development began in mid-2011 worked on the music composer Lisa Gerrard and Michael Allen 2.  Between April and May 2014 a successful campaign on Kickstarter provided for porting Steam Android and Windows.  The game has also received additional support from the state-owned financial institutions Screen Australia and Film Victoria 3.

The game take place in a fantasy world populated by anthropomorphic animals of several clans which four players can choose their hero to participate in the campaign to become the new ruler.  The game contains elements of turn-based board game in particular - the use of playing cards and dice which together with the player's actions affect the overall development.
Armello is a re-creation of a traditional digital fantasy tabletop role-playing game in which there are also dice and cards that allow a player to allow the player to perform certain actions.  Playing area is divided into shestiugolnoobraznye tiles that contain randomly generated 4 features such as caves job competing characters or items of equipment. 2 During the game heroes can buy game currency to acquire additional skills using the "tree of talents' system  specific to each character.
Armello Game

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