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Command And Conquer Generals Game

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Review: Command & Conquer Generals - real-time strategy in a series of Command & Conquer.  The game uses the SAGE engine (Strategy Action Game Engine).  This is an extended version of the 3D-engine Command & Conquer Renegade.  EA has not made any announcements about the possibility of licensing third-party developers of the engine however it has been used in other games from EA for example in «The Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle-earth».

Generals was released on the Microsoft Windows platform in 2002 and Mac in 2004. The game marked the return of the series to the Mac and was the first since the Command & Conquer moved to this platform (scheduled porting Red Alert was canceled).

Plot of the game dates back to the year 2010.  The player is offered a choice of three factions.  The Generals United States and China - the two superpowers are attacked by the Global Liberation Army (English Global Liberation Army.) A terrorist organization in the Middle East.  The US and China are depicted as the main characters in the series and often cooperate with each other on the storyline.  These three factions go to war like the real war on terrorism.

Each campaign consists of seven missions.  It is advisable to first go through a campaign for China then for the GLA and then to the US.  With this order China retaliates for the devastating nuclear attack on GAO Beijing and ultimately completely destroys the cell of terrorists led the operation in the Pacific.  This campaign is accompanied by incidents such as the destruction of the Three Gorges Dam and the use of Chinese nuclear weapons.  Here begins the campaign of the terrorists who are trying to recover from the failure of China (accumulate capital and set against each other superpowers) captures the Baikonur cosmodrome for the launch of the Soviet missiles with biological weapons.  After this the US campaign pursued by the GAO to their main headquarters and confront the Chinese general who was sympathetic to terrorists.
Command And Conquer Generals Game

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