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Dead Space 2 Game

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Review: Dead Space 2 a Computer game third-person shooter in the genre of survival horror the continuation of the original game Dead Space created by the studio Visceral Games 11 and released by publisher Electronic Arts in the early  2011.  Localization of Russian version of the game is implemented through subtitles 12 13.
Soon him again linked Strauss Isaac and reluctantly decides to trust him to set a single goal - to destroy the obelisk.  Strauss tells him that Obelisk is located in the government sector in strict isolation.  As you progress Isaac encounters another survivor Ellie officer-pilot C.E.C. which eventually joins their mission thinking that it will need their help in order to survive.  During their promotion on the station to the government sector the station manager Titan Hans Teydmann creates various obstacles so as not to give them to get to the Obelisk.  Later insanity Strauss greatly exacerbated he attacks at Ellie and screwdriver pokes out her eyes.  She survives but later have to kill Isaac Strauss who tried to stick a screwdriver in his eyes already.  Also making their way to the Obelisk Isaac continues to experience vision with Nicole who are becoming more and try to knock him off his aim.  In the end Isaac has to admit that he can not run away anymore and that his destiny - to sacrifice himself to destroy the obelisk thus making the vision Nicole friendly.
Dead Space 2 Game

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