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Desperados Wanted Dead Or Alive

Review: Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive A computer game in the genre of tactical strategy unfolding in the setting of a western.  Under the control of the player is given six characters.  Protagonist of the game "the bounty hunter" John Cooper decides to catch the famous train robber "El Diablo" (Spanish El Diablo -. «Devil»).  Along the way Cooper helped five friends and together they operate in a stealth style similar to the game «Commandos Behind Enemy Lines» although the game also allowed and fierce firefights.  In March 2006 it was released a continuation of «Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge» (Rus Cooper's Revenge.).
The action takes place in El Paso in 1881.  Over the past few months a mysterious and brutal bandit El Diablo had plundered a lot of trains.  The railway company «Twinnings & Co» offers a reward of $ 15000 to anyone who can stop El Diablo.  Bounty hunter John Cooper agrees but soon realizes that the task is not as simple as he thought.  John decides to create a team of his old friends to help in the hunt for the robbers including Sam Doc and Kate.  When he learned that Sanchez - not the head of the robbers Cooper let him and he joins the team learned that in his absence the people of El Diablo shot down all of its people.  This command is increased from 5 to 6 when Mia's father killed at the outpost and she vows to avenge him.
Desperados Wanted Dead Or Alive

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