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Disney Hercules Game

Disney Hercules Game

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Review: Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules is a video game developed for the PlayStation, PC and Game Boy and was released in 1997 year by Disney Interactive Software simultaneously with the release of the cartoon "Hercules". The game follows the story of the eponymous cartoon: Hercules-the son of Zeus, must prove that he is a true hero to gain immortality and join his family on Mount Olympus. To do this, he must make several feats and defeat the villains at the end of a face-to-face meeting with his uncle, the Lord of the underworld God Hades, which is responsible for the fact that after the birth of Hercules lost his immortality.
A big part of the game takes place in two dimensions, although in some missions the player can climb stairs and inclined planes. The game consists of 10 levels, has an option to select the difficulty:

Beginner (Engl. Beginner)
    Average (Engl. Medium)
    "Gerkulesovyj", i.e. a complex (Engl. Herculean)

The last two levels only work when the second and third options. In addition, the game has three levels, where the player has no ability to stop or to strike, while the hero must avoid collisions with other characters and objects. The number of vital energy is shown in the upper left corner ("Expressway" is in the lower left). The volume of potential energy can be replenished by picking up figures of Hercules, the energy is replenished at the expense of the found pots with the energy drink.

At most levels of hidden messages of letters: If you collect them all, you get the inscription "HERCULES" is it the player can start the game with the next level, and not from the beginning of the game. Also in the game are hidden 4 vases - they give the player a secret password to this level to start the game from the place where the vase was found.
Disney Hercules Game

Disney Hercules Game

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