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Gun Faye Kellerman Game

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Review: Faye Kellerman, Faye born Marder is an American writer who mainly writes crime novels. Faye Kellerman has acquired degrees (Bachelor) in Mathematics and Dentistry at UCLA, but not working in these occupations. She is married to psychologist and bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman since 1972 and now lives with her husband and four children in Los Angeles. Faye Kellerman is professing Orthodox Jew.
Your most novels treat criminal cases, the attempts of living in California Commissioner Peter Decker (in younger novels together with his second wife Rina Lazarus, more recently, with his daughter Cindy) to solve; these cases almost always play in the American-Jewish milieu. Peter Decker is a grown up as a Baptist policeman who, after an Orthodox Jew met after a case is returned to his own Jewish roots and law-abiding Jew living will, like his creator.
With Straight into Darkness (German: And there was darkness) changed the scenario: This book is about a murder in Munich in the 1920s, so the environment of the rise of Nazism. In 2004, Faye Kellerman has first written with her husband, two detective stories in a book (Double homicide: Boston: Santa Fé and Double homicide) have appeared. Since 2006, her son Jesse also published his novels (Sunstroke, Trouble, The Genius u.w.) and screenplays. Her daughter Aliza is also author. According to an indication of their German publisher Faye Kellerman's titles have sold over twenty million copies worldwide.
Gun Faye Kellerman Game

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