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Halo Combat Evolved

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Review: Halo Combat Evolved video game in the genre of FPS developed by Bungie and published in 2001 by Microsoft.  Initially it was released for the of Xbox.  Exactly 2 years later version published for Microsoft Windows.  In the same year he was released a short story titled Halo The Fall of Reach which is pre-history. The game's plot tells the story of war the people represented the forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and the religious union of several alien races - Covenant.  People struggled fighting for survival but still losing ground on all fronts.  The last hope of humanity was the project "Spartan-II» - program to create a biologically enhanced super-soldiers who have been the most effective weapon in the fight against the aliens.  All research on this project forces are based on the planet Reach.  Covenants are subjected to the planet and its orbital bombardment.  He survived only one ship - "Pillar of Autumn" which turned out to be the surviving Spartan John-117.  The ship jumps blindly through hyperspace and leaves it near the mysterious alien structure called Halo.  Flotilla Covenant manages to track the jump and start a new attack on the ship.  John-117 receives an order at all costs to protect the ship's artificial intelligence - Kortanu.
Halo Combat Evolved

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