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James Bond 007 Nightfire Game

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Review: James Bond 007 NightFire A computer game in the genre of three-dimensional shooter with a first-person with elements of stealth-action game developed by Gearbox Software companies (the version for the PC) of Eurocom (version for video game consoles  PlayStation 2 GameCube and Xbox) JV Games (version for Game Boy Advance) and Aspyr (version for Mac OS X).  As the publisher of the game was the company Electronic Arts;  edition of the game in Russia is engaged in the company Soft Club.  Exit Games was held in 2002.
Mr. Raphael Drake (Eng. Raphael Drake) head of the industrial company Fenix ​​Inc.  and a known criminal the reason for the arrest which has long been looking for the Secret Intelligence Service intends to seize the space station anti-missile defense.
The first task.  James Bond parachute landing on the territory of Drake mansion located in the snowy Alps.  The territory is guarded by armed guards.  A black input Bond goes inside the castle where it is currently undergoing important illegal transaction between Drake and Mayhew under the guise of a reception.

Bond is one of "his people" which operates under the guise of a waiter.  He gives him the things of the Q lab including a camera that looks like a lighter a pen firing hypnotic and glasses with Night thermal and X-ray vision.  Bond meets Zoe Naytssheyd agent who managed to steal a diplomat with the satellite control system.  At the end of the chapter if they are detected they are firing escape from persecution Drake people.
James Bond 007 Night-fire Game 

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