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Overlord 2 Game

Overlord 2 Game

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Review: Overlord A computer game in the genre of action with elements of RPG and RTS developed by Triumph Studios and published by Codemasters has.  In Europe the game was released June 23 2009. 
The player begins the game for the little Lord (son of the Lord of the first part) living in Nordberg which found brown minions.  Lord with the help of henchmen and girls Keld spoil the holiday residents Nordberg.  Then there is the army of the Glorious Empire and requires all to give Mages in the city.  Residents take off Lord Imperials.  With the help of minions and Yeti Lord flees from soldiers and falls through the ice.  Then he finds the Gnarl and defrosts senior henchman.

Much later already matured Lord pass the test on the adoption of the Lords.  After the test Master will be in the sanctuary of the elves where to find a magic stone with which through the gate back to the Lower World (English Netherworld.) - A huge stalactite evil and habitat Lord's minions.  Next Lord is red socket and via the red Nordberg captures kills / subordinate governor Nordberg sadness (the choice of the player) finds Lady represented by Keld grown.

Upon returning to the Lower World Lord of the report that Nordberg bred thieves stealing food.  Lord stops thieves and departures in Vsesvet city elves.  On the way to the city of his ship is sinking.  Lord forced his way through the jungle he finds green minions stealing green socket at the Imperials who captured the city kill the queen spider captures Vsesvet kills / enslaves city regent and finds a new mistress Juneau.
Overlord 2 Game

Overlord 2 Game

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