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Power Rangers Super Legends

Review: Power Rangers Super Legends is a game based on the franchise children's TV series American Power Rangers. The game mark 15-year anniversary of the Power Rangers series from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Rangers Operation to ultrafast. The 2D game was released on 23 October for or Nintendo DS and the game in 3D on November 6th of 2007 we are PlayStation 2 consoles and PC. The game mix one brand of action and puzzle-based missions two Super Heroes adventures in Super Sentai franchise-based.
Emperor Gruumm set his sights on the legendary museum myth, the resting place of the energies collected from Power Rangers over time. In his twisted mind, he imagined a world where the power of your enemy is not only stolen, but used against them and make him a living god over all creation. The Omega Ranger, whose aware of all the timelines within the legendary Museum, discovers his plan and warns the Power Rangers to stand against it. If the legendary museum fall into the hands of Gruumm, all would be lost.
Who thought that the ancient curses have been purified by the wave of Zordon energy at the end of Power Rangers in Space, Lord Zedd reappears in his old form. Hidden in a hidden dimension, it is for it interfered with the flow of time, trying to change the course of history to destroy every Power Ranger over time! Operating from the Legends Room, the new Ranger Omega distant future (confused with the original, and himself) should have the strength of Power Rangers, and artifacts all the time to break the hidden dimension of Zedd and try to restore the schedule!
 Power Rangers Super Legends

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