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Psi Ops Game

Review: Psi-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy a video game developed by Midway Games for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and later ported for Windows.  The working name of the game - "ESPionage" is a pun on the one hand it means "spying" on the other the abbreviation "the ESP» means «extra-sensory perception. In many ways the game is a traditional shooter differing use of psi-abilities.  In Japan and Southeast Asia the game was released by Capcom under the name «Psi-Ops Psychic Operation».

On June 9 2008 the inhabitants of the United States and Europe may be free to download the full version of the game with in-game advertising which can be switched off buying the game. 1

The player assumes the role of Nick Skrayer "psi-operative" whose memory has been erased to allow him to infiltrate a terrorist organization.  But he was taken prisoner and should be selected to fight with the help of Sarah double agentshi.  As you go to Nick begin to return his psionic abilities.
Psi Ops Game

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