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Second Sight Game

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Review: Second Sight - video game from Free Radical Design Codemasters released on sale now for the PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox and PC. The game follows the actions of parapsychology researcher at MIT named John Vattik and his attempts to recover his memory and reveal the secrets of his mysterious powers telekinesis mind projection healing and the universe.

John Vattik wakes up on a cot in a military hospital but could not remember how to get there and even who he was (before he learns his name the game calls his patient JV-034).  He manages to escape from the chamber using telekinesis which he mysteriously unable to apply on the door and then he gradually wake up and other abilities self-healing the ability to become invisible and power punch.  At some point John begins to experience vivid memories of what happened to him six months ago.  One of those memories is a course of military training in Bremen in Germany (this is a training mission for the player).  Six months ago Quest led him to Russia with a small party called WinterICE with orders to find out why the Russian scientist who was believed dead wants to get political asylum in America. 
Second Sight Game

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