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Soldier Of Fortune 2 Game

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Review: Soldier of Fortune II a computer game in the genre of first-person shooter developed by Raven Software and published by Activision in 2002 exclusively for the PC.  In Russia and the CIS game was localized and published by 1C and left April 25 2003.  «Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix» is a sequel to the game «Soldier of Fortune».  In November 2007 came the third part of Soldier Of Fortune Payback. 
The aim of the game is the consistent implementation of the various assigned tasks and destroy the enemy.  Before each mission (except the first) the player can choose different types of weapons - pistols assault rifles grenades and other equipment.

Each mission is usually divided into several levels.  The game takes place in different countries. In addition to the main storyline has a random mission generator.  There is also the possibility of the network game. The game realistically appear injured fire back limbs.  It is possible to adjust the level of severity.
1989.  Secret agent John Mullins sent to Prague the capital of socialist Czechoslovakia to help escape to the West to the Soviet scientist - Dr. Peter Ivanovich engaged in the development of biological weapons by the code name "biological product".  From its connected Mullins learns that contain Ivanovic at the Grand Hotel "Prague" a very serious protection.  John rescues Ivanovich and they leave together from the truck chase in the railway station where the train to leave the country.  On the train the doctor says that when he was working on biologics thought to serve his country but then I realized that you can not win the war which killed all.  He also tells about the incident in which a lot of people have died from the outbreak of a terrible hybrid made of four types of anthrax.  Of all the scientists working on this project he survived only Peter Ivanovich.
Soldier Of Fortune 2 Game

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