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Stronghold Crusader Game

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Review: Stronghold Crusader - computer strategy game in real time.  Self-expansion for Stronghold Strategy released by Firefly Studios in 2002.  The game is dedicated to the Crusades in the Middle East.  May 28 2008 the release of Stronghold Crusader Extreme additions including new missions and battles.  The latest version of the game - 1.3 September 24 2014 was released sequel Stronghold Crusader 2.
The game is available 4 historical campaigns To arms!  - A campaign dedicated to the First Crusade 1094-1099 period.  The simplest campaign during which the player develops a lock management the principles of defense Saladin's Conquest - Campaign dedicated to grocery Saladin in 1187.  The player under the control of only the Arab forces no own database all mission-type siege. Royal Crusade - campaign a campaign dedicated to the King of England Richard the Lionheart the German Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa and King Philip II of France and attempt the liberation of Jerusalem.  All missions are purely defensive in nature (but the last player can capture the castle and then hold it).
Crusader War - campaign which does not claim to historical authenticity but it reflects the spirit of the Crusader wars over land in the Middle East.  The missions we meet friends for the game Stronghold antagonists Duke de Pius (Rat) Duke Beauregard (Snake) Duke de Trupheme (Boar) and the Duke di Volpe (Wolf).
Stronghold Crusader Game

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