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The Beatles Rock Band Game

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Review: The Beatles Rock Band - music game developed by Harmonix Music Systems and published by MTV Games.  Is the third in a series of games in the Rock Band video game consoles.  The game consists in simulating performance of rock music by using the controllers in the form of musical instruments.  The Beatles Rock Band the first of the series entirely dedicated to the same group - The Beatles.  In the game there are virtual images of the band performing the song during a career including the well-known performance group.  The game used 45 songs The Beatles additional songs and albums are available as downloadable content.

The game was released on 9 September 2009 the same day as the publication of remastered CD album The Beatles.  It is very similar to other Rock Band series of games;  Nevertheless it is not complementary to and Rock Band game content for it is not compatible with the other series of games.  Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopulos described it as "... a new full game created from scratch."  The gameplay has changed slightly compared with the previous Rock Band games.  For example there is support for the three parties voice simultaneously.

The game was created with the active assistance of Apple Corps and former members of The Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.  Son of George Harrison Danny Harrison has helped establish cooperation between Harmonix and Apple Corps and Giles Martin son of The Beatles producer George Martin provided the high-quality versions of songs by The Beatles.

The Beatles Rock Band was well received by the press as an opportunity to experience the unique sensation of familiarity with the history of The Beatles and for a good gaming experience.  During the first month of sales in the United States it has sold more than 500 thousand. Copies of the game.
The Beatles Rock Band Game

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