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Thief Game

Thief Game

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Review: Thief a series of computer games in the genre of stealth action mainly in the first person (in Thief Deadly Shadows have the opportunity to switch between a first and third person).

Looking Glass Studio has developed a The Dark Project and The Metal Age.  After departing the studio of affairs in 2000 many developers have moved to Ion Storm Austin and began developing the third part of the series Deadly Shadows which was created on another three-dimensional graphics engine.

Currently released the official localization Thief II and Thief III on "New Disc" company.  At the moment in a series of games of the CIS countries are represented by unauthorized releases and amateur translations as a limited edition "New Disc" released the second part of the series.  In the world there is a game fans The fan community which created quite a number of mods to it. The player controls a character named Garrett (born Garrett.) - A professional thief.  Action game takes place in a steampunk world reminiscent of both the late Middle Ages and the Victorian era;  In addition there are elements of fantasy (magic fantastic creatures) and techno (unusual electrical and mechanical devices).

Thief Series differs from other games industry special manner of movement of the character with many degrees of freedom.  So in the second part of the player character has five speeds of movement (as opposed to two a maximum of three in the vast majority of computer games) and his style directly affect the audibility of each step.
Thief Game

Thief Game

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