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UK Truck Simulator Game

UK Truck Simulator Game

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Review: The company was founded in 1997. Initially the company was engaged in licensing and support their own game engine TERRENG;  based on this engine SCS Software made a number of games including UK Truck Simulator Game series.  The first game was the company's Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 - hunting simulator which was released in 2001.  The second game - a simulator of spearfishing Shark!  Hunting the Great White was released in 2001 and became the company's first game made on a new engine Prism3D.

In the same year the company has made the game UK Truck Simulator Game (joint development with Sunstorm Interactive with this company SCS Software has collaborated before licensing their engines as well as using their technology in the game Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3).  Hunting Unlimited was the first game in the eponymous series of games.  In the same year and it made the second game of the series.

Over the years the company engaged in the development of a series of hunting simulators Hunting Unlimited and Racing game 18 Wheels of Steel also fired a number of individual games (eg Bus Driver - a simulator of the driver of the bus which was released in 2007) and several screensavers (which also uses its own  game engine Prism3D).
In 2008 it was released a new game in the genre of simulator truckers - Euro Truck Simulator.  Subsequently we developed several parts belonging to this series.  The last game in the series Hunting Unlimited developed by SCS Software has become Hunting Unlimited 2010 (2009 year) - on account of the following game developed by other companies however continued to develop SCS series 18 Wheels of Steel making a few more games.

Exit Euro Truck Simulator 2 was held in 2012.  Through the publication of the Steam game has become the most popular product of the company which resulted in a desire to SCS Software to focus on the development of the project 1 moving away from the traditional scheme of development.  the first major addition Going East ! was released in 2013 which added to the game in Eastern Europe as well as a number of minor amendments.  many more additions were subsequently released.
UK Truck Simulator Game

UK Truck Simulator Game

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