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Fighting Force Game

Review: Fighting Force - 3D Video-game beat 'em up (fight) genre.  A Core Design released Eidos in 1997 for Playstation and Windows and Crave Entertainment in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. Fighting Force is a member of beat 'em up genre.  The player controls one of the four characters.  They operate in urban and futuristic environment struggling with the waves they encountered enemies armed with cold and small arms.

Game action starts at a police cordon placed around the skyscraper Zeng.  The main characters move in areas such as shopping mall subway and the Coast Guard base before you get to the headquarters of Zeng. The player or players can choose from four characters two men Hawk Manson (26 years) and Ben "Smasher" Jackson (29 years) and two women Mace Daniels (21) and Alana McKendricks (17 years).  Hawk Manson and Mace Daniels - two fighters possess different styles of combat.  Hawk stronger than Mace which in turn is faster than Hawk.  Ben "Smasher" Jackson is a big strong and slow big man who can lift the engines of cars and throw them at enemies.  Alana McKendricks is quick and agile but with a soft blow of a teenager and an effective blow to the jump.
 Fighting Force Game

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