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Silent Hill 2 Game

Review: Silent Hill 2 A multi-platform computer game in the genre of psychological survival horror and action-adventure developed by the Japanese Team Silent team and published by Konami has 8   19 20.  Chronologically it is the second part of the series.  The game was released on the Playstation 2 game console in the United States September 24 2001 three days later - in Japan and on November 23 of the same year - in Europe 2.  After the project has been ported to the PC and the Xbox console 6 7.  Silent Hill 2 storyline is hardly related to the first part of the series.  Over 50 people worked the game for two years 15.  HD-remastered Silent Hill 2 developed by Hijinx Studios appeared March 20 2012 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 9 11 platforms.  Russian distributor of the project was the company "SoftKlab" localization he had not been and was presented in English 10 12 21.

Action Silent Hill 2 takes place in a fictional universe partly reminiscent of the real world in which everyday reality overlaps with another alternative world and both are filled with monsters.  The protagonist is James Sunderland who receives a letter from his wife Mary who died some time before the beginning of the main events of the game.  In the letter she asks him to come to the resort town of Silent Hill.  When they reached their destination James encounters a mysterious woman named Maria almost an exact replica of his wife.  In the end he realizes that some of his memories was self-deception. 22  Gameplay is to solve puzzles search for needed items locations research confrontation of the hero and the monster 23.

The game has received wide acclaim from the critics ten different publications have put the project highest score 24 25.  Most reviewers praised the atmospherics and the depth of the story being built around love hate death crime and punishment insanity and taboo subject of sexual abuse and incest 8 26 27 28.  The musical accompaniment according to some critics is one of the best games in history. 22  However reviewers negatively perceived control system inconvenience on the part of the virtual camera and illogical puzzles 8 15 29.  Reissue Silent Hill HD Collection has received very mixed reviews mainly because of the numerous audio and visual defects 30 31 32.  Silent Hill 2 is included in lists of the best games of all time and also ranks high in the charts frightful horror gaming industry 33 34.  A month after the start of sales has sold over one million copies of the draft.
Silent Hill 2 Game

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