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Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent

Review: Amnesia The Dark Descent is officially published in Russia under the name "Amnesia Phantom of the past.") - A three-dimensional computer game in the genre of survival horror developed by Frictional Games Penumbra known for its series of games.  The game was released September 8 2010 on your PC. 2 Previously the game was known as Lux Tenebras and initially the project was known as the Unknown.  The game was announced November 13 2009 together with the opening of the official website and trailer for the game. 3 4 February 5 2010 it was announced that the game is in alpha testing on all target platforms.

Two weeks later the developers have released a new teaser trailer which was shown to the gameplay.  At the same time accepting applications for pre-order the game was open.  In addition it was announced that the game is in beta testing and will be released on all target platforms in August 2010. 8 9

November 11 2009 the Russian gaming site MGnews.ru interviewed two members of Frictional Games - Jens Nilsson (born Jens Nilsson.) And Thomas Grip (born Thomas Grip.).  They answered the questions that were asked by users of the site.  November 11 answers developers have been published on the website
Amnesia Game

Amnesia The Dark Descent

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