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E Y E Divine Cybermancy Game

Review: E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy is the computer game in the genre of role-playing and first-person shooter, developed by the French company Streum On Studio development team of 12 people and is based on the Source engine company Valve. Action E.Y.E .: Divine Cybermancy takes place in a dystopian future, and includes themes of cyberpunk. The game is based on the role-playing game AVA, developed Streum On Studio in 1998.
EYE Divine Cybermancy develops in a dystopian future after a complicated series of events.  The human race is embroiled in an interplanetary conflict between the mysterious and inexplicable race of creatures psionic force known as meta-streumonic.  As a result of wars to achieve victory humanity united in a mega-corporation entered into an alliance with one of the alien races and get new technology and knowledge.
The player takes on the role of E.Y.E. unit member secretive and elite army endowed with psychic abilities and cyber-implants.  The division is based warriors monks secret order Secreta Secretorum.  With access to advanced technology each member of the Order is a mixture of Cybernetics (implants) psi-training and the DNA acquired from a single being grasped and killed the mysterious and advanced civilization.
E Y E Divine Cybermancy Game

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