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Earthworm Jim Game

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Review: Earthworm Jim is a video game in the platformer genre developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Virgin Interactive.  The main hero of the game is an earthworm named Jim dressed in a robotic super-suit and fight evil.  The game was released for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis platform in 1994 and was later ported to the SNES Game Gear Game Boy PC.  After the release has been well characterized by criticism for detailed animation thoughtful gameplay and eccentric absurd humor.

Special Edition Earthworm Jim Special Edition was released in 1995 for the platform Sega Mega-CD and later appeared on Microsoft Windows 95. This version of the game differed added level Big Bruty improved graphics an improved audio material and ammunition protagonist.  Levels «New Junk City» ( «More Junk») and «What the Heck?» have also been expanded.

In 1996 both games were ported to the PC for MS-DOS as part of the anthology Whole Can O'Worms.  Transferring engaged Scandinavian company Rainbow Arts.  The anthology was not several levels in the first game cut levels «Intestinal Distress» «Who Turned Out the Light?» And flight mechanical chicken from «Level 5" in the second portirovschiki removed «Lorenzen's soil» (nevertheless to  European cover of the anthology is presented it). 2

In 2009 Gameloft game ported to Java and iPhone and in 2010 at the Bada.  In June 2010 she also released a port for your Xbox 360 console and in July - on the PlayStation 3.
Earthworm Jim Game

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