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Guacamelee Game

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Review: Guacamelee! A video game in the genre of action-platformer developed and published DrinkBox Studios 2 Initially the game was released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita April 9 2013 3 then August 8 2013 has been ported to Microsoft Windows and February 14 2014  year on OS X and Linux.  An extended version was released for the Wii U Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Xbox 360 in July 2014. 4 The game is inspired by traditional Mexican culture and folklore.
In Guacamelee!  the player controls Juan who breaks his way through various enemies and obstacles in order to save the daughter of El Presidente.  Juan can attack enemies with basic attacks and can perform a variety of combat techniques when they are stunned causing more damage or throwing them in the direction of the other enemies.  Defeating enemies the player receives the coins that you can spend in certain places to unlock new combat techniques or increase the health and endurance bars.  During the game John breaks the various «Choozo statues" that give him new abilities.  Skills are divided into attack such as an uppercut a header and jump shot or the ability to increase the mobility of Juan such as double jump wall jump and the ability to turn into a chicken.  Huang also gains the ability to move between the worlds of the living and the dead needed to solve puzzles or to battles with enemies that can be attacked only in a certain world.  Players can use this ability to open up previously inaccessible areas to find secrets or to break through the barriers that protect enemies.  The game (excluding version Vita) also has a local co-op mode in which a second player can play the character Tostado.  This mode is available only after the introductory level.
Guacamelee Game

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