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Star Wars Battlefront 2

Review: Star Wars Battlefront II a computer game in the genre of tactical shooter created by the company «Pandemic Studios» an released by Lucas Arts. Star Wars Battlefront II was created based on II-VI of the film "Star Wars" episodes and is a continuation of the same game publisher and developer Star Wars Battlefront. Battlefront II is fundamentally similar to its predecessor albeit with the addition of new game mechanics.  The overall objective as before for the majority of the missions is to eliminate the enemy faction however in the campaign mode added a variety of combat missions the implementation of which is the key to victory. Differences between Battlefront II of Battlefront and mainly deal with increasing the number of game modes (capture the flag battle and conquest) the opportunity to play for a variety of heroes and villains the presence of units and the ability to sprint roll forward.  The main principle of the game is a battle of the two armies.  Battle Objectives can be different depending on the mode and version of the game.  Also in some cases the game is t. N.  Fake Console allowing the player to edit certain parameters of combat.  In this game the battle may occur on the surface of planets and in outer space in orbit of the planets.
Star Wars Battlefront 2

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