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StarCraft Brood War

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Review: StarCraft Brood War addition to the computer game in the genre of real time strategy game StarCraft which was released in the US November 30 1998 Blizzard now  Entertainment 1. Supplement Brood War added three new campaigns continue the story of the game where the story stopped the original StarCraft 2.  Also each race has new units technical improvements music tracks and tile images for maps.

Brood War was well received by the gaming press celebrated its usefulness game that is different from the usual complement 3 4 5.  By May 31 2007 StarCraft and Brood War broke with a total circulation of 10 000 000 copies. 6  Supplement as the original game has become particularly popular in South Korea where tournaments on it involving professional players and teams 7. StarCraft player offers a choice of three distinct playable races.  This protoss - possess psionic abilities and high-tech humanoids Terran - the descendants of immigrants from the planet Earth and zerg - race of beings in structure and appearance resemble social insects.

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