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Strife Veteran Edition Game

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Review: Strife Veteran Edition Game is a computer game in 1996 developed by Rogue Entertainment.  Based on the engine id Tech 1 is powered by Id Software.  Together with the games Ultima Underworld and System Shock this game is regarded as one of the first games of the hybrid genre of first-person shooter with RPG elements. The game takes place in a world where up over people gained a dark cult called "Procedure» (The Order).  "Order" make cyborgs that forced people to rework their own kind.  The player takes on the role of party rebel forces headed Meysilom.  The main task of the rebels - to collect all the pieces of a mysterious artifact which is called to destroy the symbol of "order" the leaders Programmer (The Programmer) Bishop (The Bishop) and the Guardian of Wisdom (The Loremaster).  After their elimination the player will fight with a mysterious stranger - Being.
Strife Veteran Edition Game

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