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The Path Of Neo Game

Review: The Matrix Path of Neo (. Eng The Matrix Path of Neo) - the third computer game based on the trilogy "The Matrix" movies and the second developed by Shiny Entertainment.  Players have the opportunity to take control of the Neo playing out scenes from the famous film.  The game was released November 8 2005 in North America.  The creators and writers of the game - the Wachowski brothers. 
For forty two levels in the game are restored all the major scenes from the trilogy "The Matrix" as well as the present stage the Wachowski brothers invented specifically for the game.

At the beginning of the game the player controls a Thomas Anderson who still does not have super powers.  Throughout the game character will gradually gain new abilities and learn new fighting techniques.  Some of these skills make up techniques used by Neo in the film including dodging bullets stop bullets and flying.  Besides melee techniques the player can use five types of weapons to destroy the enemy.

During the game the player experiences a trilogy of all the main characters. From level to level the player showing the video cut from the film as well as from the "Animatrix" and from the pre-previous game «Enter the Matrix».
The Path Of Neo Game

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