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Undertale Game

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Review: Undertale (also written as UnderTale and UNDERTALE; «Underground Tale") - role-playing video game developed by American composer Toby Fox (born Toby Fox.) And released September 15 2015 in the digital distribution service Steam.  The story and soundtrack he wrote Toby Fox design besides it is also engaged Tammy Chang (Eng. Temmie Chang).  In Undertale player controls a child exploring the fictional Dungeons (English Underground.) An extensive enclosed area which is under the ground.  Residents of the Dungeons are called "monsters" (eng. Monsters) a group of a variety of intelligent beings humans exiled from the surface after a long war with them.  The child interacts with various monsters in search of the way out with the player has a choice to kill them or be friends with them.  The player's choice greatly affects the final outcome of the game depending on the player decisions are changing the dialogue and the final scene of the game.  The game received positive criticism particularly its plot and characters.  Critics praised the intuitive combat system the contrast between the witty humor and grim story Breaking the fourth wall as well as references to older role-playing games.
Undertale Game

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