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Worms 3D Game

Review: Worms 3D is Turn-based three-dimensional computer game genre artillery elements of the strategy developed by Team17 and published by Sega.  Worms 3D - this is the first three-dimensional game of Worms series of games.  The game also added new weapons new missions and some modified type of game.
In Worms 3D game modes are present such as in the previous games of the series namely the campaign quick game teaching and competitions.  In addition to individual games there is a possibility of collective game and the game on the network.  The player can create his own team customize it (choose your favorite super weapon the voice acting team create your own names for each of the worm).
The goal - to destroy all enemy worms but in campaign mode the player will have to perform special missions.  The actual gameplay is not very different from the series predecessors with the exception of the three-dimensional measurement which gives the player more freedom and more opportunities.  As in the previous series the game has completely destructible environments which greatly affects the gameplay (the player can create tunnels pits under other enemy worms etc.).
Worms 3D Game

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