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Brink Game

Review: Brink Game a computer game in the genre of first-person shooter with elements-RPG that Brink Game developed the UK-based Splash Damage and was released by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows platforms PS3 and Xbox 360. The game  published May 13 2011. Brink combines single and multiplayer mode.  The player chooses a role that wants to take over.

Created man floating city called the Ark (Rus. Ark) consisting of hundreds of separated from each other floating islands is on the brink of civil war.  It was originally built as an experimental independent and 100% "green" habitat.  After rapid growth in global sea level on Earth Ark has become a haven for humanity.  About 25 years of social instability and residents Arch reached a tipping point.

Development of the Brink Game:
The game was created on the engine id Tech 4 with an updated rendering engine and improved support for multi-core processors. 3 In late July 2009 Technical Director of Splash Damage Arnout van IRRI (Eng. Arnout van Meer) in an interview with PC Games Hardware Site spoke about the prospects and opportunities for Direct3D 11 game development. 4

Country of the Games "But at the same Brink still remain a mystery a great shooter with amazing styling that somehow ignores the obvious requirements of the genre.  The justification can serve only that this kind of experiment which however not everyone can be called successful. "22PC Games "By and large save the game in addition to the unique visual style a traditional summer lull before coming in November Battle of the Titans in the face of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 is still far and other worthy online shooter is not currently there."  23
Brink Game

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