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Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway

Review: Brothers in Arms is a series of computer games in the genre of tactical first-person shooter developed by the US company Gearbox Software and published by Ubisoft;  in Russia and the CIS countries the main games in the series were published by "Buka".  In a series of games Brothers in Arms consists of three main branches and eight games - the last game of the branches Furious 4 canceled.

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Game Action series "Band of Brothers" takes place during the Second World War. To comply with gaming historical facts as stated in the game members of the art department of the company Gearbox traveled to France to visit the places of battles archival photographs were used aerial photographs maps and the veterans of the certificate.  It is noteworthy that in the first two games of the series - Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 and Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood - there is a menu item "Additional Resources" where the player can view some of the data found by developers as well as a comparison of real photos  with game footage and cut from the final version of the game pieces.

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Game According to additional materials are also considered as the name of a series of games «Call to Arms» «Soldiers» «World at War» «Wargame 1944» and «Troops».
Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Game

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway

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