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Chivalry Medieval Warfare Game

Review: Chivalry Medieval Warfare a computer game in the genre of action games in first person developed by the studio Torn Banner Studios and published October 16 2012.  The game is a sequel to Age of Chivalry modification for the game Half-Life 2.

After a decade crusade kingdom knights Agatha returning home were forced to start again on the threshold of war.  While Agatiytsy been on a crusade power was seized by the king's brother Mason Gauvin.  Gauvin formed a new army called the "Order of Mason" his soldiers burned villages and towns killing civilians and destroying everything in its path.  Agatha Knights entered into a civil war with the Order.  Battles are for each piece of land on the torn battles Agatha.

Game process
The maps have a certain goal.  The goal is considered completed if the team has performed basic tasks (often enough to complete the last task and the team wins).  There are additional tasks the implementation of which will facilitate the victory.  The game has seven different abilities chop (left mouse button) chop the top (scroll the mouse wheel down) thrust (scrolling the mouse wheel up) double strike (you need to use any attack and during the attack that hit the other or such  -zhe kick) lock (right mouse button) kicking (the F key) snag (the Q key) Battle cry (C key).  In the game mode operates friendly fire which means that any player can accidentally (or intentionally) kill a teammate but if it happens too often the team can vote to the player kicked out of the match.  In the game when entering the server player has the right to choose a faction for which he will play. Then you need to select the class in their four-game
Chivalry Medieval Warfare Game

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