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Crusader No Remorse Game

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Review: Crusader No Remorse is a computer game genre action developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts.  The release took place in 1995 on the PC platform the DOS with further ports on the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1997. The action takes place in the world of dystopia XXII century around a soldier of an elite unit nicknamed Silencer (muffler) which is opposed to the tyranny of the government under the leadership of the World Economic  Consortium (IEC) and is adjacent to the rebel resistance.
The game is divided into missions each of which takes place in separate locations and has its own problems.  Setting ranges from factories and military bases to offices and space stations filled with a variety of enemies - soldiers military robots as well as traps and puzzles.  There are also non-aggressive characters - they can be killed without consequences and their bodies can be searched to find loans which are then spent to purchase new weapons.
All locations are equipped with an alarm system that can be activated by actions such as entering the field of view of surveillance cameras fire or destruction of the special closed doors.  Alarm Activation leads to fierce resistance from the enemy so players are encouraged to avoid raising the alarm on and off it as quickly as possible.  The No Remorse Silencer can not wear a c more than five weapons at the same time.
Crusader No Remorse Game

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