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Dark Souls 3 Game

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Review: Dark Souls III Action / RPG developed by From Software in the video game genre.  It is a continuation of the game Dark Souls II.  Release Date - March 24 2016 in Japan and 12 April 2016 the rest of the world on the PS4 Xbox One and PC. Also in the development of the game participated Hidetaka Miyazaki released after the release of the game Bloodborne.
Development began in mid-2013 before the release of Dark Souls II which involved the creation of Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura instead of series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki.  The game was developed in parallel with the Bloodborne but they were engaged in two completely different teams.  Miyazaki returned to the development of Dark Souls III while Isamu Okano and Yui Tanimura took positions with the project managers.  Contrary to initial expectations Miyazaki is that the series will not be many sequels Dark Souls III is a quarter of the Souls series.  Miyazaki later said that the game will not be the last in the series but rather serve as a "turning point" in the development of both franchises and the company From Software as this was the last of its development before Miyazaki became president.
According to Miyazaki limits in the Bloodborne development forced him to return to the Souls series.  He also noted that "the enemies of the game and level design were designed to kill the players but they can also be used to gain an advantage."  Game design was centered around coal ash and scattered around the world creating a picture fading beauty.
Dark Souls 3 Game

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