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Dungeon Siege Legends Of Aranna

Review: Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna addition to the computer game Dungeon Siege.  Adds a host of new features as well as a new campaign.  Released November 11 2003 for PC and Mac OS X. Appendix includes the original game. Action additions occur some time after the events of the original game.  Monster named Shadowjumper which is used to produce energy escaped from prison and seized the artifact "Staff of Stars".
Overall the game has received positive reviews from critics.  The site Metacritic based on 27 reviews put the game 73 points out of 100 13.  Site Game Rankings based on 34 reviews put the game evaluation of 75.74% 14. Website IGN put the game score 7.0 / 10 noting that "the fans who need new levels to battle monsters find it in the game". 8 Along with the positive reviews some critics have pointed out the shortcomings of the game.  Website estimate put the game 54% calling the game "trivial mod flavored dozen innovations.
Dungeon Siege Legends Of Aranna Game

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