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Fallout 2 Game

Review: Fallout 2 is a computer role-playing game with an open world developed by Black Isle Studios and published by the publisher Interplay Entertainment in 1998. It is the second part of the series Fallout. Fallout 2 Game Despite the fact that the game engine has not changed from the first part due to the detailed design of the game world and story continuing managed to surpass it in popularity.
After 80 years after Fallout 2 Game events secluded village of Arroyo founded the Vault Dweller (Eng. Vault Dweller) began to decline.  Needed new strength to breathe life into the field. Village Elder sends Favorites (English Chosen One.) in the wasteland of the miracle of pre-war engineering technology - GECK (English GECK Garden of Eden Creation Kit - GECK a Garden of Eden Creation Kit;. in pirated versions are also used translations of the "Group of Eden structural components" and  "slope" - "Set to Making Cities Paradise") created to appearing on the surface of the shelter residents were able to start a new life.  Chosen One is sent into dangerous quest ...
Fallout 2 engine has undergone a few changes compared to Fallout resulting gameplay is almost no different from its predecessor.  However the game world as compared with the first part has been increased 1.
Fallout 2 Game

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