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FIFA 17 Game

Review: FIFA 17 Game twenty-fourth football game of the FIFA series of games will be released for Microsoft Windows platforms PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 Xbox and Xbox 360 the One the Russian release date - September 27 2016 1.  FIFA 17 Game Playing for the first time in the history of the series will be powered by Frostbite Engine 2 3.  Game Face is a German player of the club "Borussia Dortmund" and the German national team Marco Royce.
In the FIFA 17 Game standard provisions have been redesigned you can now choose your own version at takeoff performance penalty with a different twist and the flight path of the ball or rather feeding corner and the performance penalty to approach the ball at any speed and at any angle 4.
For the first time the game will be the scene mode "History" 5 in which you can go your own way as a rising star of the English Premier League Alex Hunter 6.  You will be able to play for any Premier League club under the leadership of these trainers 5.
June 24 2016 EA Sports announced that FIFA 17 will be the first time a Japanese J1 League 7.  All 18 clubs belonging to the J-League will have a real logos shapes and compositions. 7  In addition the game will be presented to the club's new stadium "Gamba Osaka" - "Suita City Football Stadium". 7  Also added a new home arena "West Ham" and stadium "Middlesbrough" "Riverside" 8.
FIFA 17 Game

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