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Gothic 2 Gold Edition Game

Review: Gothic 2 a computer game the second adventure of CRPG Gothic» series.  The release took place on November 29 2002. Gothic 2 Action begins about three weeks after the events of the original Gothic. The main plot unfolds on the island of Khorinis located in the sea not far from the kingdom Myrtana.  The main settlement of the island - the eponymous harbor town which temporarily led by the head of the Paladins - Lord Hagen (born Lord Hagen.).

Gothic 2 Gold Edition Game Khorinis Island is known primarily for its Valley of mining - Minental (where all the action unfolded the first part of the game).  Over the years over the whole valley stretched self-sustaining magic barrier and all the prisoners were sent to the kingdom.  So valley became irrevocable colony for many sentenced. Gothic 2 Gold Edition Game In addition the island has a number of small peasant farmsteads that handle the soil for the cultivation of cereals and vegetables and raise livestock.  For many years the biggest yard belongs to the landowner Onar which leases land to other farmers nearby. In the center of the island is an old convent servants Innocent (Eng. Innos) run by the Fire Mages.  There they spend magical and alchemical studies and made wine.
Gothic 2 Gold Edition Game

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