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I Am Alive Game

Review: I Am Alive a computer game in the genre of action.  Development was carried out Ubisoft Shanghai studio.  Initially the game was developed by Darkworks. Out on April 3 2012 on PlayStation 3 7 March 2012 on the Xbox 360 as well as 6 September 2012 on a Windows platform.

I Am Alive an adventure game with elements of action and survival. The player has to follow not only the health of the character but also for his fatigue - any effort takes the necessary energy for survival 1.  The character feels natural need for food food allows you to restore health and water rejuvenates and replenishes stamina. All the necessary products can be found on the vast map but often have to fight for important things. I Am Alive Game If a player dies he is given the opportunity to download the game from the last checkpoint.  However it will have to spend the so-called "attempt". They are scattered in different parts of the city (often in difficult or inconspicuous places) as white video cameras and their number is very limited (with the exception of the game on the easy level).  When you reset the number of attempts and the death of the player will have to replay the entire episode again.  The cities were survivors they will fight all the forces of its existence similar to the main character.  Some of them will simply defend their territory some will be more aggressive and attack the main character detection.  I Am Alive Game The stock of ammunition for the weapon will always be extremely poor so get out of difficult situations should be using tricks.  For example against a large number of bullets the enemies not to be missed if you want to apply the right tactics to surrender to enemies but only one of them will approach closer to kill him with the help of hidden cutlass which will give an important advantage.  In the absence of cartridges in the store character can use the threat as the enemy does not know whether you have the ammunition to fire. 2  In the city the player will also meet unarmed victims which can assist by sharing food or medicines.  For this the player will be rewarded with additional attempts.
I Am Alive Game

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