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I-Ninja Game

Review: The behavior of I-Ninja Game (for our hero is and the name and occupation) proved to be quite unusual.  Instead of hiding in corners and aesthetically strangle enemies pillows he loudly shouted chopping everything that moves and from time to time diverted to the races on the platforms accompanying their acrobatics in the spirit of Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Kratkaya information about the game. Nothing outstanding however is not worth waiting then run along the wall there to surprise the audience double jump - no longer allows architecture.  Familiar Arcade jump 'n 'run constantly supplied with some exotic additions like ski Ballance Kratkaya balls of information about the game and Super Monkey Ball or variations on the theme Paratrooper Kratkaya information about the game and sometimes goes to other genres.  For example in the battles with the bosses found anything since boxing matches in the first person and ending with a simple "airborne shooter".

I-Ninja Game We were given the task vostonovit razlomanogo robot pieces to defeat the army chief zladeya in the region the first robot was the lost fragments of his eyes.  MISSION yavlyaetsya training so there I will not be too deep.  Kill the enemies destroy the force field generator (the same time and spauner enemies which in time fell to the ground) jump on the platforms climb the wall run by a couple of walls (Iron) and get straight to the check points.  There we were waiting for an ambush.  But nothing serious you will not see all the gray ninja leash 3-4.  We will deal with them the ability that we have just received the "Wrath of the Berserker" this skill increases the force of impact ninja.  Once we destroy all the enemies run to the edge jump and grab the chain of the ring so it is with sleduyschimi two rings ... Then we jump on the tube and slide on it jump and fly over the cliff with the help of the flight (jump Strong attack)  .  They kill the enemies destroy the force field and go on ... And we again met the enemy ... Kill them and a generator and then continue their uncomplicated way ... Then we are waiting for the real roller coaster ride (only without presposobleny) we will ubizhat  from red electric globe using our legs and chain for sharp turns ... That's one more check-point.  We move to the laser eye and shatter resistant to it.  After that kill the enemies crushing their ball and climb the hill in the pass ... There we are waiting for a bowling ball (mini-game) we have to survive collect as many coins as possible as much as possible to knock ninjas and get to the rank of 1  minute.  Nothing complicated ... Congratulations!  You have passed your first Mysia in I-Ninja.
I-Ninja Game

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