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Kingdom Game

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Review: There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are building up your kingdom. Once you have the basics down and reach a point that you are upgrading and expanding regularly, you need to take things a step further. A good king/queen knows how to adapt and do things better than anyone. Whenever you plan to go a long distance make sure to stop and let your horse nibble that juicy plain grass sometimes found in the open. It would let your horse gallop without tiring for much longer. 
There are other types of robbers that want to rob your castle’s treasury. You need to hire some guards to protect the treasury against them. You will have some coins at first. They can be hired by these coins. Coins can be used to customize the character too. It can be earned on the way by discovering special places. When you defeat some enemies, Extra coins will be given to you. Your horse needs for rest and food too! You can do this in the places that are designed for it.

Although Kingdom Game has pixel graphics, It has an amazing gameplay. The players shouldn’t care about them graphics at this Indie game. This simulation strategy game has got four rewards in the international festivals. It has also 9/10 average rating in Steam.
Features of Kingdom PC Game:
    Control a prince or a princess to roam in your lands
    Discover new environments and defeat the enemies there
    Feed your horse to have better speed in roaming
    Put your coins in the treasury and protect them by guards
Kingdom Game

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