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LEGO Worlds Game

Review: Lego Worlds (Lego Worlds) - Computer game 2016 release in the genre of open world developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros.  Interactive Entertainment for Windows.  The first version of the game came out June 1 2015.
The game is a sandbox in which any player can collect from Lego blocks whatever he wants.  Using the vast arsenal of the game features you can create techniques at home.  The "Terrain" allows the player to change the landscape in its sole discretion.  To add or remove space for buildings.  At the beginning of the game the player must collect the coins and search for the characters.  Opening them up and buying a player to ever gets everything finds.  Characters equipment creatures items.  After that everything that appeared in the arsenal of a player can be used for further construction.
Now the game is in the early access on Steam.  The game is still under development.  Periodically go game update.  In 2016 the developers implemented as promised Multiplayer 1.
LEGO Worlds Game

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