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Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth

Review: Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth real time strategy game developed and released for sale by Electronic Arts December 6, 2004. The game is based and licensed in the film adaptation of Peter Jackson's acclaimed books J. (Russian Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle-earth.). R. R. Tolkien and also includes several recurring actors voicing hobbits and magicians. The game uses the SAGE engine previously used in the «Comando & Conquer Generals». Continued «El Señor de los Anillos La Batalla por la Tierra Media II» was released on sale March 2, 2006.
Although it was a lot of other games based on the folklore of Tolkien and his adaptation of 1 BFME still it is unique because the developers have tried to give the game a sense of "live" Middle-earth using stunning graphics and special effects. They also wanted to give the game a more intuitive system somewhat different from other games of the genre. Although the graphics the game uses the deserved attention to the game itself is not received very favorable reviews from critics. In the main game has been well received by the players, and even Peter Jackson as well as fans of "Lord of the Rings" and the RTS genre. The game allows the player to manage the four basic forces "factions" of Middle Rohan Gondor Isengard and Mordor and the Fellowship members. At the moment, the network game mode is not in full mode and play through emulators LAN. But some fans were disappointed because the promotional video of the game pointed out that will be played as BFME «Rome Total War» in battles where thousands of soldiers converge. The number of soldiers in the game is actually relatively small. Gameplay in BFME almost the same as in the «Comando & Conquer Generals». The game even has a points system which allows the player to acquire special abilities posts de destruction as enemies. These abilities can be a challenge reinforcements elven archers of Rohan cavalry Ents challenge giant eagles even possible to call the Army of the Dead or the Balrog.
Name of the game comes from the phrase Gandalf at the end of the film "The Two Towers" - "The Battle of Helm's Deep is over 2 Battle for Middle-earth has just begun."
 Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth

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