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Order Of War Game

Review: Order of War is computer game in the genre of real time strategy developed by the Belarusian studio and published by Square Enix for Windows.  Global release of the game took place on September 18 2009 2.  In North America the territory of the game went on sale on September 22 3.  September 24 «Order of War» was released by "New CD" in Russia 4.  «Order of War» was the first game Square Enix released in the West and developed outside of Japan.

The game's plot
The project is devoted to the key events of 1944 during World War II.  In single-player mode Order of War offers two player campaign opposition to the US Army and the forces of the Wehrmacht on the Western Front and the battle between Soviet and German armies on the Eastern direction. 5  In the single player missions and multiplayer mode can also fight on the side of the Soviet army 6 7 while fighting against the Wehrmacht and against the US military.  Allied campaign devoted to the offensive in France and the German - retreat provoked by the massive advance of Soviet troops on the Eastern Front.  The authors were played real historical battles such as the landing in Normandy the Ardennes the Battle of Arrakurtom Falezsky pot landing operations and the Allied liberation of Paris. 8  The German campaign also partly takes place in Poland and in Germany 9.  The game takes place between June and October 1944 10 .Each campaign consists of 9 missions 11 divided into several podmissy respectively 12
Order Of War Game

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