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The Lord Of The Rings Conquest Game

Review: The Lord of the Rings Conquest (. Rus Lord of the Rings Conquest) - a computer game created by the studio Pandemic Studios and published by Electronic Arts.  The plot is based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and gameplay mechanics borrows much from the game Star Wars Battlefront.  The game allows the player to play as a force for good and for the opposite side.  However unlike The Lord of the Rings The Battle for Middle-earth the plot revolves around the second campaign of Sauron seeking to prevent the destruction of the One Ring in the future to regain its former power with the help of 3.  Pre-release of the game took place on December 23 2008 when a demo for PlayStation 3 is now available for downloading when PlayStation Network 4.  Demo version for owners of the Xbox 360 was released on January 2 2009 5.

During the development of the game Pandemic Studios worked closely with Weta Digital which was responsible for the development of a plurality of digital models including models of the flying creatures of the Nazgul.  Developers have used a lot of elements that are not included in the film adaptation of Peter Jackson but were present in the original novel by John Tolkien.  Some of these elements are not apparent.  For example in the novel Tolkien united army of Rohan and Gondor decided not to attack Minas Morgul but the story of one of the game levels based on events that could occur in the event of such an attack.  The game uses a soundtrack by Howard Shore he created for the film adaptation of the book 3.

March 16 2010 multiplayer games over the Internet was shut down for the PC version PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 6.  However 16 August 2010 a group of fans of the game has launched a non-profit CNQReboot servers allowing PC users to play over the Internet via a tunnel software in the mode of the game on a local network
The Lord Of The Rings Conquest Game

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