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The Secret Of Monkey Island Game

Review: The Secret of Monkey Island an adventure computer game studio Lucasfilm Games marked the beginning of a humorous Monkey Island series of games. The game The Secret of Monkey Island was fifth game based on the SCUMM engine.  Fathers of this game become game designers Ron Gilbert Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman (Eng.) Russian ..

The Secret Of Monkey Island Game Originally the game was released in 1990 on diskette for Atari ST Macintosh and PC (with EGA-graphics).  A few months later the game was re-released for the PC with the VGA.  And in June 1992 it came out CD-version which includes the music of the improved quality and inventory items that were drawn (in previous versions of the inventory has been fully text).  12 originally planned use verbs with which the player can interact with the game world but their CD-version number has been reduced to nine.

The Secret Of Monkey Island Game July 15 2009 the company LucasArts has released a remake of the game called «The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition» with updated graphics and music and completely saved plot.  The remake was released simultaneously for PC Xbox Live Arcade and the iPhone / iPod touch.
The Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition Game

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