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The Technomancer Game

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Review: The Technomancer is a continuation of Mars War Logs in which the main character will visit the new areas on Mars - from ghost towns to huge caverns beneath the polar caps moving away from the secret police and the people fighting with various opponents. 
Managing an experienced fighter players will visit all the sights of the red planet from tribal communities to the cities that are under the ice.  The hero can travel alone or with a partner which will meet as you progress through. Develop character in The Technomancer allowed in four directions.  The combat system includes three different styles of doing battle but with the use of essential cyber gadgets.  The very weapons as armor outfit you can create out of the materials at hand.
However not everyone in the world The Technomancer solved by brute force.  Many potentially dangerous situations are solved by negotiations.  The developers have promised to introduce such a system in the game dialogues when the selected replica affects not only the attitude of others to the hero but also on the development of the plot and even ending quest (there will be five in certain jobs).
The Technomancer is at an early stage of development.  Its output will be held not earlier than 2016 approximate dates will be announced in the second half of this year.
The Technomancer Game

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